Best Riddles & Brain Teasers! App Reviews

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Im the first reviewer Ha ha in ya face sucka

Fun ......

.....except theres not very many riddles


It is fun and tricky...great the riddles


I liked this app and I read some of them to my friends..... Tricked them soo much !!!!


Omg I luv riddles Who ever made this thank U so much.luv it



Lol riddles

Some of them are thats what she said ones, for example: Im white and im round, but not always around, or i go in dry and get out wet, the longer im in the stronger i get.. Or, whats white when its dirty. Lol, other than that this app is good :)

Love it

I say a billion thumbs up i love the app


:):):):) me and my baba play it together I cheat :):):):):):):):):):)

Waste of time

This app is awful, would not recommend. There are much better ones for this type of app. Most of the questions are out there they dont make sense and others are too easy

Love it

So good who made these awesome riddles I mean it who did ?!?! I just am givin my opinion I think it is a awesome app so ya that is pretty much it oh and I think if you read this rating well then listen to this as well you dude or dudet out there need to download this app it is really useful to email to your friends and the riddles , the riddles are great I even have some favs and I shared this app and the riddles with lots of my friends so promise me you will too !!


I love these riddles they crack me up every time I read them I give it a hundred thumbs up


These are the lamest riddles Ive ever heard. They sound like a three year old wrote them.


WORST RIDDLES EVERRRR!!! Who ever made this app shouldnt quit there day job.

Most of the riddles dont Make any sense .also there isnt a lot of riddles so they start over really fast . Other then that , its a good app. I hope you enjoy it more then I did 

Great Riddles

This app has some of the best riddles. You should download it!

The river jokes

I love these jokes so much I read them to my family when I find a really good one!!!!!:) :) ;)

Review of "Best Riddles"

Most of the jokes are good but some are not the best!


This game has a great amount of riddles. Its worth downloading.


This game is pretty good some if the riddles r not the best but i should know Ive had this for 2 years but its defiantly worth downloading! I would rate it 8 out of 12

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